3 Hour Pot Roast

There is nothing better than a huge bowl of melt in your mouth beef pot roast. That is why I decided to take a warm at home favorite and make it simple. However, this time we are using a crock-pot! Come on, sometimes you just have to put in the extra effort…

The ingredients are simple and you can pick them up on your way home from a long day at work. Especially, when the highway is jammed packed with tiny cars looking like an army of ants lining up to taste the gummy bear that fell down the ant hill, and you need to pull off the road before you pull your hair out.


2 pounds of Angus beef pot roast

2 cups of low sodium beef broth

3 whole carrots

Green shallots

Cumin powder

Garlic Salt

(Servings: 6)


  1. Remove beef from package, place on cutting board
  2. Season with garlic salt and cumin powder
  3. Add beef to crock-pot
  4. Dice three whole carrots into dime sized portions
  5. Finely chop shallots
  6. Add carrots and shallots to crock-pot
  7. Add broth to crock-pot
  8. Turn heat level to ‘high’
  9. Let sit for 2.5 hours


In less than ten steps with minimal ingredients, you can make a delicious pot roast! Since I spend most of my time in the office, I am not able start the crock-pot while I am at work. That could all change however, if my dog quickly decides to become a chef and do it for me. With only 15 minutes of prep time, I find it best to prepare all ingredients and add them to the crock-pot as soon as I get home. You can then go to the gym, vacuum the house and create world peace all before dinner time! The ingredients easily feed 6 normal people. Unless you come from my family, then it’s probably a solid 3.

2potroastPicMonkey Collage.jpg

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