Gold Medal Fruit Pizza

As the Olympics come to a close, I thought that the best way to celebrate would be with a “healthy” sweet treat. I have always loved eating fruit pizza, and even spent many college nights in the sorority house eating it as a late night snack. Therefore, in honor of the great Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, and Matt Perez (my husband), I wanted to make a gold medal deserving dish. A fruit pizza is perfect for holidays, birthdays, earth days, and literally every day.


1 roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough (16.5 oz)

1 package of light or fat free cream cheese (8 oz)

¼ cup of sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla

1 cartoon of raspberries

1 cup of blueberries

½ cup of apple jelly


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a 12 inch baking pan, roll out the sugar cookie dough until smooth
  3. Bake for 18 minutes until golden brown
  4. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 20 minutes
  5. In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar until fluffy
  6. Spread cream cheese topping on the sugar cookie
  7. Place fruit in any design on top of the cream cheese
  8. Mix apple jelly in a bowl until smooth
  9. Pour jelly over the pieces of fruit
  10. Refrigerate for at least 45 minutes and enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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  1. Looks great! Love the idea.


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