The Most Important Cooking Lesson

People tend to ask me where I found my love for cooking. Luckily, I grew up in a home where cooking was a part of our everyday lives. My mom always tried to put a warm meal on the table when dinner rolled around, or at least tried to make pizza night a family affair. I am fortunate enough to have a mom who taught me how to cook and even better how to be a southern cook. However, I am far more grateful for another lesson my mom taught me. The story of Jesus.

I am blessed to come from a family who taught me about Jesus and how to love one another. Although I may fail and not do the right thing or always treat people the right way, I am blessed because I know the how others should be treated and how they should be loved. In a world that is consumed with political nonsense and hatred towards one another because of who they are or where they come from, I once again find myself happy because of my relationship with Jesus.

I find that my passion for cooking stems directly from my faith and by love that is guided by being a Christian. I love to cook for my husband because I feel that it is a talent I posses, a talent that was given to me. I was scared at first to start a cooking blog, because why would anyone care? Who is this random girl and why does she think she can change anything with recipes? However, the more passionate I become about what I do, the more I am grateful for the gifts I have been given. And the more I want to cook and to write.

Each person is given a gift, and I hope that by reading this that they can find the courage to use their gift that God gave them. Now, when people ask me why I love to cook and why I spend my time posting pictures of my food on Instagram, I hope they will understand. It’s not always about the creative filters or free coffee, but the strength and love I feel by doing what I was made to do: make others happy and to make them food.

Thank you mom, for giving me the best cooking lesson of all.

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