Mixed Berry Crumble

Need a healthy dessert or breakfast bar? I’ve got you covered! Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth. Actually, more like sweet teeth. I absolutely love desserts but hate all of the calories. My mixed berry crumble is healthy, delicious and consists of only a few ingredients. Be prepared to create a healthy treat that you will enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


3 cups of granola

1 bag of frozen mixed berries (I used mixed blueberries, strawberries and raspberries)

¼ cup of sugar

1 spoon full of flour



  1. In a clear baking dish, pour entire bag of mixed berries (still frozen)
  2. Pour flour and sugar over berries (do not stir)
  3. Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes
  4. Remove from oven and stir
  5. Sprinkle granola on top of berries
  6. Bake for 25 minutes
  7. Serve with a side of non-fat whipped topping for extra flavor


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