Review: On Swann – Tampa

I love finding “foodie” things to do around Tampa, and On Swann is probably one of the best places to go. First, the portions are huge! And they are absolutely decadent and full of flavor. I cannot remember the last time I went to a restaurant and felt both full and satisfied without the greasy aftertaste.


For an appetizer, we ordered the whipped ricotta-corn dip with warm zepploe. The bread was sweet and the corn dip was savory and melts in your mouth with every bite. I could have easily eaten an entire basket full, but with friends in attendance one must share.


For dinner, I ordered the Kale salad, and of course it was huge. But the flavor profile was incredible. The crisp lettuce and shaved brussel sprouts were covered with a tangy dressing and tart cherries. The sugared pecans added the perfect crunch to the crispy salad while the black quinoa added the touch of savory flavor that was needed. Not to mention the sharp shaved cheese on top that brought everything together. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone.


My girlfriends decided to order a few meals and share the copious amount of food. The meal started with the Farm Cheese Board. The assorted cheese, cured meats, duck rillettes, country pate and olives looked magnificent and tasted fresh. The Orecchiette was filled with sausage, kale, garbanzo beans, calabria chilli, garlic and parmesan. The crunchy white asparagus was topped with a glistening over easy egg. Can you say yum?


Overall, On Swann is the place to go for a delicious meal. Not to mention, the staff is friendly and the décor is trendy with a homey touch. Make sure to get a reservation, On Swann is always busy!


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  1. I’v been dying to get here! Must go after reading this post!


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