It’s all about the ‘Za at MidiCi

MidiCi deserves a big shout out for hosting the best event full of pizza, specialty cocktails and delicious desserts. As you walk into the restaurant you immediately smell the freshest ingredients straight from Italy and your taste buds are hit with the savory and sweet notes of the most amazing food.


The sweetest team members walked Matt and I over to our seat with a wonderful view of the entire restaurant. There were two huge stone pizza ovens that flickered with the fires of fresh pizza to come. A gorgeous tree filled with lights lite up the entire room.


As all of the Tampa bloggers entered the room, the servers greeted us with cheese boards full of various types of cheeses, fruit and sweet honey. Specialty cocktails were served with a side of happiness. The pizza was incredible. I normally have a hard time finding a gluten free pizza option, but let me tell you, my gluten free pizza was cheesy and delicious. We were then served Nutella filled calzones and homemade gelato. The chocolate gelato was rich and creamy and left you wanting more. Not to mention the coffee. Of course I have to order coffee anywhere I go, and MidiCi did not disappoint.


The conversation among the room was as wonderful as the unbelievable food that we were treated with. If you haven’t been to MidiCi, you are definitely missing out. Head over to and get directions to the St. Pete location today!IMG_6652IMG_6648IMG_6566IMG_6653IMG_6655IMG_6657IMG_6659IMG_6658IMG_6660

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