Foodie Street in St. Augustine

I recently took my husband to St. Augustine for his birthday, and boy did we fall in love with that city! As we drove into St. Augustine on an early Friday afternoon, the streets were filled with busy people hustling to the nearest eatery. Quickly after unpacking we went straight for the most amazing places we could find. Places that consisted of food that is!


The Floridian

My friend Michele recommended the Floridian which turned out to be the most delicious restaurant. The venue had a traditional Florida feel with bright strands of lights that highlighted a hipster yet beachy vibe.


We ordered the Chips and Dip that was made up of a duo of black bean and traditional hummus with crisp veggies and house potato chips. This delicious appetizer was accompanied by a glass of pinot noir for me and a pale ale for Matt.


For dinner I had the Pork Belly Caprese bowl that consisted of vine-ripe tomatoes and goat’s feta layered over fresh spinach and topped with crispy CartWheel Ranch pork belly, radishes and an African sweet bread toast schmeared with creamy Lil Moo cheese, slow cooked Bacon Jam, basil, and S&P heirloom tomatoes. Served with garlic-bacon vinaigrette. The waitress gladly swapped out the sweet bread with a delicious slice of gluten free toast.


My husband ordered the Shrimp and Sausage Pilau. This spicy dish was full of roasted tomatoes, sausage and crisp sautéed shrimp. I may have had a bite, or five. It was that good.


The atmosphere was just as amazing as the food. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal.


Check it out for yourself:


Maple Street Biscuit Company


You wouldn’t think that we would be hungry the next morning, but of course we were! Matt ordered a flakey biscuit filled with bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. I ordered the oatmeal that was topped with maple syrup, strawberries and pecans. If you are in St. Augustine, you must visit this place!


Check it out:



Prohibition Kitchen

THIS PLACE IS DELICOUS!!! I loved walking into this restaurant. You are immediately hit with sweet bourbon notes and fresh parmesan French fries. I ordered a glass of pinot noir that was sweet and smooth. Matt ordered a light lager that he immediately accompanied with French fries.


For dinner, I ordered a side of fries with Caesar Brussels sprouts. THEY WERE AMAZING! They were roasted, seasoned and drizzled with dressing. I’ve never had a better side in my life.


Matt ordered the short-rib grilled cheese that was toasted to perfection. He ate his entire meal in 10 minutes.


This place is a must go if you are in St. Augustine, want a great bite to eat, and want to hear live music.


Check it out:


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