Duffy’s Sports Grill – Summer Menu

Have you been to Duffy’s yet? If not, you need to plan your next game day at Duffy’s Sports Grill in Tampa. The venue is perfect for restaurant-gating and there are what seems like hundreds of flat screen tv’s along the walls. Not to mention the food is delicious! Matt and I were treated to a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts that were astonishing. Everything we tasted was amazing and the staff was absolutely incredible. There’s no better place to spend a game day than Duffy’s!


We started with the corn tortilla chips and homemade guacamole AND the Ahi tuna stack. Imagine fresh ahi tuna atop freshly made pineapple salsa and rich mashed avocado topped with sesame seeds and siracha. Siracha makes everything better.



I enjoyed the naked wings with honey garlic sauce. The sauce on the wings was beyond addicting. I can’t wait to try and replicate this recipe at home!

Matt dove into the hangover burger that consisted of lean beef, a farm fresh egg and peppered bacon accompanied with a side of sweet potato fries.



You would think at this point we would be full, but fear not, Matt still had room to try the warm seasonal dessert doughnuts. Sprinkled with sugar and a side of white chocolate dipping sauce, the doughnuts were the perfect ending to a glorious meal.


Next time you are hungry and ready to watch the big game with the sounds of cheering fans around you, head over to Duffy’s! Be sure to look out for the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ menu that is available to the public on June 28th!


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